For Parents


We are happy that you have chosen Camp Miller for your child’s summer experience. Dedicated to youth development, our camp’s focus is on programming that develops life skills, appreciation for the environment and creates lasting friendships in a safe, healthy and supportive outdoor setting. Our staff nurtures each camper’s growth, independence and self-esteem through activities that are new, exciting and challenging to each child. The positive experience of Summer Camp cannot be matched anywhere else! Congratulations on giving your child an experience which can transform their mind, body and spirit and create within them memories that will last a lifetime!

Click on the “Parent Handbook” link to the right for all of the information and details about camp. The handbook gives camp information, check-in and check-out procedures, packing list suggestions, contact information, bus information, and much more!

Ways To Contact Your Camper

Contact By PhoneContact By Mail

If you are concerned about how your child is doing we welcome calls to our camp line at 218.372.3188. Because of the busy nature of camp we may not be available to answer all calls so please leave a message! We will check on your camper and get back to you. In case of illness or emergency, the Camp Director or Nurse will notify parents immediately. Please make sure that the camp has emergency telephone numbers where parents can be reached.

Please do not tell your camp you will call during the week or suggest that they call you. We find that campers adjust to camp life best when they aren’t missing home so much, and calls to or from home tend to create homesickness, especially in campers who were otherwise not experiencing homesickness.

Also, please do not send your camper to camp with a cell phone. Camp Miller is “unplugged” and electronics are not allowed in cabins to allow campers to experience nature free from modern distractions like cell phones, video games, loud music, and television. Counselors are here to ensure that campers wake up on time and our Nurse ensures that all campers receive medication on time, so alarm clocks and alerts are not needed!


Parents and Guardians are always encouraged to write to their child. They should reflect an interest in what is happening at camp and also some news from home. This can help campers feel more comfortable and safe about being away from home. Packages are also welcome, but please be sure to not include anything that is not allowed at camp.

Packages are always opened in front of a counselor to ensure the contents of the package are allowed. Please also ensure to include the name of the cabin that your camper is assigned to, as it make sorting mail a lot easier!

Please address your camper’s mail to the following:
Camper’s Name, Cabin Name
YMCA Camp Miller
89382 East Frontage Road
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783

We try to encourage campers to write home at least once during their time at camp, however do not be concerned if you do not receive a letter! Often times our busy schedule here at camps means we are a little slow in getting letter sent out to parents. Rest assured that no mail usually means you camper is having a great time!


When packing your camper’s bag or sending packages please be sure to NOT include the following items:

Cell phones, knives, candy, weapons, radios, CD/MP3 players, IPods, lap tops, gaming device, or any of the hippest, new electronics that kids have! Please don’t send hair dryers or curling irons or any sports equipment. These items, if brought, will be held by the cabin counselor until the end of the camp week. If knives or weapons, drugs or alcohol are brought to camp, parents will be called immediately. Please keep all valuables at home.

If you have any questions about why some of these items are on the list, or about sending any item with your camper that you are unsure about, please contact camp.

All camper medications are turned in to the Nurse on the first day of camp. We find it’s easiest if you pack all of your camper’s medications (prescription AND over-the-counter) in a plastic bag to turn in to the nurse during check-in. Be sure your camper does not have any medications in their bags that are brought to the cabin. Thank you!


YMCA Camp Miller
89382 E. Frontage Road
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783
Camp Miller Duluth Y Office
302 West 1st Street
Duluth, MN 55802
218-722-4745 ext. 143
Eric Sommer
Executive Director of
Camping Services
Damita Miller-Chasson
Camp Miller Retreat Director

John Maly
Resident Camp Director